Sunday 30th January 2011

by Chantal

Yesterday I spent a very cultured afternoon visiting some of the free exhibitions London has on offer and hanging out with my lovely friends.

First we went to the Hipstamatic exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery. It was really inspiring and refreshing to see ‘normal’ people creating amazing photos. We all left with a renewed sense of photo taking purpose!

Then we went to the Welcome Trust just around the corner to explore the High Society exhibition which traces the use of drugs throughout the world. A really fascinating mix of film, photography, books, objects, facts and fiction.

My favourite piece was a visual representation of 3 spiders webs after they had been given Benzedrine (Speed), Caffeine and Marijuana . NASA carried out experiments to show how the drugs affected the building process. Surprisingly, the worst web was the one built whilst under the influence of caffeine – completely erratic and not very well joined up – possibly something to consider next time you reach for your latte!

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